The Traders’ Ball by Fred Forest

Featuring Jamalski and Devon Clarke

Curated by Robert C. Morgan

a ferdinand(corte)™ production

A Roger Smith collaboration in art

June 11 - July 2

The Lab Gallery

The Roger Smith Hotel

501 Lexington Avenue

New York, NY. 10017 MAP


  1. The Experimental Center of The Territory on Second Life with several avatars of traders and bankers

  2. Production of an original track by Jamalski and Devon Clarke, music by Rom1 aka Mr Explicit

  3. A video trailer created in Second Life

  4. A website :, with notably a 3d Coverage of the project by Martin Lenclos

  5. A physical installation with five mannequins, a Wall Street wall print extracted from the 3d Coverage, some $1 bills (with Forest, Jamalski and/or Clarke's faces), three 42' LCD sreens, an electronic information screen, ventilators.

  6. Media (TV, radio, press) such as NY1, AIR, Art International Radio, Le Monde, Canal +)