About the work "The center of the e-communication world"

Fred Forest presents a scenery using the communication technology and building an artistic equipment he calls "the Center of the World". This equipment takes place into the multi-purpose room at Espace Pierre-Cardin's (in Paris) and it will work for three days and will be connected to Internet. It consists of a physical, specific structure where lightshows--arranged as arcs of circle-image reports, texts by the artist, and various real time creations by surfers from the Whole World, will be displayed on. On a podium, a strange kind of centrifuge will be installed, at the bottom of which welcome visitors will be able to look at the center of the World keeping on both scattering and congregating. To find the lost world, even if its center is lost again, hardly we thought to have caught it: that's the purpose. In the room and in the FIAC (Foire Internationale d'Art Contemporain) area and in the professionnal computing shows, terminals will access the site (http://fredforest.worldnet.net/centre), where surfers from the Whole World will work and cooperate and have fun, and make efforts to try, just once, to put together the center of the World and to stick back together the separated pieces that are floating across the undefined cyberspace. This challenge will be displayed on plasma screens. Will they win? Will they lose? It depends on the ability of each to either hopefully or pessimisticly face the world, whether the center exists or not!

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