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Fred Forest « expose » le Centre Pompidou
à New-York !

Cette exposition à la White Box, devenue une succursale modeste du Centre Pompidou à New York, a présenté le Centre Pompidou et quelques-unes des œuvres emblématiques et critiques de l’artiste du 20 avril au 28 mai 2018.

On June 7, 2018 Fred Forest marks a new point against the Center Pompidou from the Kandinsky Library in pre-launch the « Movement for an Ethical Art » at an event at which he was not invited … institution by denouncing once again its clannish and abusive behavior towards artists who do not belong to the first circle of the privileged. Note that just when the artist is about to speak wildly, the critic Paul Ardenne, fervent defender of sociological art and accomplice of always facilitates access to the microphone … In his conflict with the officials of Beaubourg He thus demonstrates his nonviolence, to see his courtesy as an acute sense of irony. The artist knows that time will give him reason in a year, in ten or in a hundred. It does not matter! He will never give up, until the institution gives back to the artists their dignity. If you agree with him send him an email with this simple mention: « I agree with an ethical art » to the

(Automatic translation)
By Fred Forest

Throughout life I have never been able to accept the injustices of all kinds that are inflicted on artists. I never understood their passivity in this regard. In our art system, only the artists are the producers of goods, the ones who benefit from them are the managers and the merchants … The collectors who, with some small currencies, reinforce their social status, or engage in speculation through the intermediaries of the market. Artists forced to deal with all these social groups are placed at their mercy by their financial power or their questionable administrative authority. Only artists in the first circle recognized most often by cronyism, access the status hoped for a lifetime. The many others will vegetate without ever reaching the grail so hoped for:
Things must change. MUST AND CAN CHANGE. Artists must resist, organize, act and fight again so as not to be reduced to being, at best, sub-luxury proletarians. They must begin, by and for themselves, to establish a rigorous ethics that they must impose on the art world. They must collectively gather their strength to destabilize, then to bring down an iniquitous system that has been perpetuated for too long, realizing that they alone have the legitimacy to do so because they are the only producers of symbolic goods.

This is the program that is simply proposed by the Movement for Ethics in Art. The time has come for urgent action now that we have entered the transition between yesterday’s world and today’s world. This is our chance to seize for us who are artists. A transition in which recognition of the condition of women is recognized as equal to that of men. The upheavals of the digital. Changes in the relationship to the world and mentalities in the younger generations. The road ahead is still long, very long, for the artists to restore their image and regain power over their own lives. It depends only on their willingness to think differently, their ambition, their courage, their intelligence, their propensity to act collectively and their capacity for imagination. Instead of indulging in the felted and comfortable servitude where the power of money and the structures of art whose sole purpose is to alienate them. The artists worthy of the name must from now on base themselves a new order, a social order where their place is recognized in its entirety in the society on the par with the politician, the scientist or the captain of industry. For that they will have to refuse any lame compromise, and to be an example for all by their capacity of resistance to the manipulations aiming at shading their dignity.
So will begin, for them an new era.

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