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Fred Forest « expose » le Centre Pompidou
à New-York !

Cette exposition à la White Box, devenue une succursale modeste du Centre Pompidou à New York, a présenté le Centre Pompidou et quelques-unes des œuvres emblématiques et critiques de l’artiste du 20 avril au 28 mai 2018.

Here is a simplified version of my exhibition which starts: Opening on Saturday, January 25th at Galerie S-Mortier 77 rue Amelot 75011 Paris

Under the name of Space Media these virgin surfaces published in different supports of press, the artist Fred Forest put at the disposal of the 1972 spaces of free creativity for the readers, and the televiewers.

The newspaper Le Monde and France 2 lent themselves to these experiments that were a great success, such as the experience of the artist was repeated thereafter in many countries among which Sweden, Switzerland, Brazil where it was worth the prize of the communication to him at the XII Biennial of Sao Paulo.

Nearly fifty years later, he renewed his experience in France with the art magazine ARTENSION. These are the 150 responses received on this occasion that you can admire at the Galerie S-Mortier.

He himself, on this occasion, lent himself to the game, where the work he produced on his Space Media consists of a parodic version, featuring the Banana that sold for $120,000 at the last Art Basel Miami Beach fair and substituting the invisible banana for it for the same price at the sale…

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