The machine to work the time

If the machine " to work the time " was born, in a garage on the XXth century, it does not owe anything to genious inventors.

Forget the legend and the media's tom-tom. The machine " to work the time " was born simply from a succession of mishandlings operated by a former postal worker within his time off-duty.

It should be recognized without reserve: the machine " to work the time " owes its existence essentially to the chance. And, to be complete on the subject, we will say: with a series of circumstances that nobody could, to tell the truth, envisage only one week before its invention.

The invention of the machine " to work the time " is , neither the fruit of the work of a team of data processing specialists in the Silicon Valey, nor even that of a group of students of 3rd cycle in wave mechanics of an obscure university in Southern Africa.

The commentators however are unanimous on the subject: the machine " to work the time " constitutes a decisive stage in the history of Humanity.

The problem of Time always bothered the human being since the High Antiquity till Einstein, and Jacques Attali himself nowadays, but any viable, and especially practical solution, had not come to satisfy our need to fold time with our desires, our whims, our needs of the moment.

Of course, the nostalgic idea to go back in time is often brought in front. The fantasmatic and recurring idea of a machine to go back in time populates the literature of Science Fiction like that of the advertising leaflets for beauty creams...

If the " machine to work the time ", does not make it possible to go back in time (extremely fortunately...), it makes it possible, on the other hand, to slow it down or speed it up, according to our own emergencies and moods of the moment.

A bit of acceleration here, a bit of deceleration there, and here we are finally in perfect coincidence with our environment and our own life.

A lever (today an icon to click on...) on the line to accelerate, a lever on the left to slow down, and we are perfectly synchronous, to never miss a train when we are horribly lat on our timing " nor burning a pizza pie which unfreeze too quickly in a microwawe oven.

Then you settled a little skeptics in front of our machine but on another side, therefore, full with hope, without wanting to let anything of it appear... Like we all make it when we sit down in front of a fortune teller, eyes animated of this bluish luminescence that only the machines know.

Our machine to " work time " is improvable in the future. We engage ourselves. As you noted it allows to act individually and effectively on it, but it also presents a serious defect which we could not cure at the present time.

The defect is not inherent in the operation of the machine itself but more to the users who express needs, tastes, ideas different, if not contradictory, with the deceleration of time or its acceleration. Indeed each one wants to adapt time to its own conveniences... without holding account for all the general interest.

As you still noted, this situation leads you to fight in real time on the network against all those who wants to accelerate it when you want to slow it down... it, constantly leads you " to work " time, while exploiting the two possibilities that you have to adapt it to your own desires and needs. To be on the right or left-wing on your screen...

Good work!

On the control panel of the " machine to work time " you can therefore, by consulting it, know at every moment if the whole of the desires, the tastes and the requirements... in interaction on the network corresponds to your hopes. If it is the case, you do not sleep on your advance, contribute without slackening to consolidate it, if it is the contrary case, do not leave a day or a night your computer, click, click, click! until the moment you will succeed, triumphing, to reverse the tendency...

Cheer up!

          Fred Forest