The complete sale operation is placed under supervision of : Offices of Delattre Le Marec, (Huissiers de Justice)

129 Bd du Montparnasse, 75006 PARIS, FRANCE.

Tel. : 33 -1- 42 79 01 23 Fax : 33 -1- 42 79 90 81

The sale will be legally done before Notary : Maitre Laurence VOSS,

89 place de l'Hôtel de Ville 60, CHAMBLY, OISE, FRANCE.

Tel. : 33 -1- 30 34 93 40

















Sale expert appraisal by:

Maître Jean-Claude Binoche commissaire en art moderne et contemporain.

5 Rue de la Boétie 75008 Paris.

tel : 33 1 42 65 79 50

At the end of the sale, performed as a chasing race, Maître Jean-Claude Binoche, commissaire-priseur, will give the buyer designated as winner a certificate actually vouching for the value of the property because of its quality and its artwork nature, sold for the amount of bid at the end of the competition. This work consists of: a concept + a place + buildings + different things (pictures, drawings, equipment, and so on)

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The art critic Pierre Restany, expert in modern art, certifies that the "Territory", that consists of a concept, a place, buildings and different things, put up for sale at the time of a chasing race on Internet, is actually an artwork, in terms. This work, product of an art method, recovering from Sociological Art and the aesthetics of communication which stood out in the course of time, has been concieved, elaborated and performed by the artist Fred Forest. The concept that is linked "in situ" to it is of the same kind of the one that is linked for instance to either the "Palais du facteur Cheval" in Hauterives in France or the works of Buren in Palais Royal in Paris.
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