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Chronicle I of the time about to stop.
Article 1
Indeed, I admit it, to decide on stopping the time, at this time, isnot a
joint decision. It would seem presumptuous somehow, for us all who work so
hard to curb our time tables, our calendars, our daily meetings... Always
hurry, we chase after the time, without never succeeding in reaching it. We had to do someting. Well, I sacrified myself for.
Article 2
I just had this incongruous idea when, during holidays, I rowed on the
Bourget lake. The surrounding quietness. The flat surface, without ripples, of the liquid element. Done! My lips partly opened then I heard like isomebody else murmured it at my ears : ÒTime, stop moving and you, conducive hours, stop running.Ó Okay, I had understood the message was forme, personally. I didn't hang on, I had to get down to work, now, with no delay.
Article 3
The first one consisted of beginning to think. A crowd of ideas jostled
each other in my mind. What was the best way to stop the time?
Which tool could I use? Where to find qualified workers? From whom could I obtain a budget for the project? Wher to find gouvernement supports? Had I either to ask trade unions, they agree with the working time reducing? Or the Swiss watch making consortium, they could lend us a stuffed cuckoo the neck of which we could break (without a risk to see RSPCA masterminds-don't confuse them and the UNO's ones-immediately running after us...)? So many questions popped out, which we didin't have a definitely precise opinion about.
Article 4
First, we noted that we humbly admited we were personally neither qualified nor experienced in doing such a work.
I could try even so, with no guarantee of results...
I had some ideas about how to proceed, to stop the time. But, due to the
empirical practical experience of mine, time may be stopped. On another
hand, it may be either only slowed down, or, at the contrary, accelerated... Maybe, it simply would continue, jogging along, as it does
since the mists of time.
Article 5
You always run a risk when you decide to do something out of the main road.
We all felt once this dilemma, managing our own life. That point could not be contradicted even by the President in office himself. To stop the time (rather to suspend it...) implicates a moral responsability nobody can discard. Consequences may be various, and unexpectable too.
Article 6
Indeed, I'm not a professional Òtime stopperÓ accepted by the Guild Chamber but only a casual tester. But I am a good will man, who has understood the emergency for the good of the human being, in circumstances as they are at the time of modernity, of stopping the time. Then we shall proceed at a date we have programmed, the first day of Spring, from 12 to 12, between 20th et 21st of March 1998. This very exceptional event will give rise in Paris streets and elsewhere on the planet to so exceptional demonstrations.We are fed up with rushing like cattle, always hurry, without knowing where we are going to. Before frankly entering into the third millenary, we must stop and think together about the world we want for tomorrow, for us and our children.
Article 7
Waiting for the D-day when the mie will stop, on the first day of Spring
(because this is the kind of day when Mother Nature holds her breath before giving free rein to creation and life power of her), we, in this chronicle, are going to review all we have to think to, expecting such an event, which, to the best of my knowledge, has never occuredd yet in the story of human being.
Article 8
We are goning to try to anticipate all that may happens in a way not to besurprised. That is:
- If the time only slows down.
- If it accelerates.
- If it definitely stops, and if we can manage anymore to reactivate it in
spite of involving all means the Horsec procedures have planned with regard to national disasters, orderd by each prefect in each district.
- If the time starts stuttering, koffing and hiccuping, as a baby.
- If the time, disobeying our orders and the computed sophisticated device we shall make use of with our sponsors, continues as usually to pass in accordance with its usual rythms, with not a one second decay.
- If it stops, precisely, only one second, how to get back this second and
to reintroduce it in our own life in a positive way, and, if possible,
without noticing and protesting of anybody.
- In due course, in this regular chronicle, we'll tell you precautions to
take in case of this time suspension, the safety rules to respect, the
clothing to preferably choose, the books to read, the restaurants not to go to, the prayers to recite.
Article 9
( Under construction )
Article 10
Don't run. Just leave at time.