In Africa, the notion of time is not identical to ours...

Each passing day belongs to itself, to-morrow belongs to to-morrow and does not go any further. Projection in time is an hazardous notion which means nothing. Children don't even have time to go to school, or rather they have time only to go cultivate their fields, to look after younger brothers and sisters, to carry out domestic chores...

But for Aide et Action in Africa, India and Haïti, putting time aside makes it possible to educate a child. A gift from a sponsor becomes the time of a promise, the time of a child who learns, of a face which brightens up.

Time, this immaterial gift, as precious as the chalk which draws the first words on the slate, time makes it possible for the local communities to understand our approach, to accept us. Time makes it possible for our action to bloom. It allows us to better understand the culture in which we immerse ourselves, to proceed slowly together with a feeling of mutual respect.

Take time to think about it...time is not the same for each of us, but to all of us it gives a chance of doing great things. Or we can waste it and do nothing of it


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