Fred Forest played a pioneer and dominating role these twenty last years, so much that he is regarded today as " the pope " of the networks. As theorist of art and new media, he published many works and occupied the Pulpit of Information and Communication Sciences at Nice Sophia Antipolis from which he is today a highly skilled professor. He is cofounder of two artistic movements : the Collective of Sociological Art with HarvÈ Fischer and Jean-Paul Thenot and the Esthetics of the Communication International Group with Mario Costa, professor at the university of Salerno (Italy)

He obtained, inter alia, the Price of the communication to Biennial of Sao-Paulo and the Great Price of the Town of Locarno for the Festival of Arts @lectronic, he represented France at Documenta of Kassel and at Biennial of Venice.

At least, he was " star " of the Festival of the Internet, three years lasting, since its creation. On March 18, 1999, he married on Internet, with Sophie Lavaud, an artist also using new technologies. The ceremony was celebrated by AndrÈ Santini, thus carrying out a creation of VR (Virtual Reality) with for witness of their marriage American Vinton Cerf, founder of the Internet network.

On 15 of September 1999, he carried out, under the generic title of " Centre du Monde ", a spectacular interactive installation to Espace Pierre Cardin, functioning simultaneously on Internet.