This sale and this message are addressed today in priority to the creators of start-ups and to the heads of companies implied in software, hardware or services, in connection with Internet and new technologies of information and communication.

As the e-economy, the culture and the art of network are also upsetting our practices... In your capacity as actor of the new uses of technologies of information, you take part, yourselves, in an active way to this change. This is why we are happy to personally invite you to this historical sale.
In October 1996, Fred Forest, artist and pioneer of the new media had already sold in a first ever the numerical work, "Piece-Network", on the Net at Drouot. This sale is in direct relation, of cause for purpose, with the creation of the Nart company, now at the Stock Exchange and with more than forty collaborators.

Today, Fred Forest repeats and innovates once again, for the first time in the world, by proposing the auction sale of four Internet sites, like new "artistic", new products of immaterial works (numeric monochromes ), representative of a reality, of an imaginary and of a symbolic from our time.

It seemed to us, legitimate and natural, that you are closely associated with this historical event taking into account the initiating role that you play yourselves, professionally, in this field.
We have the feeling that at the time when a redistribution of the cards takes place, and where a new company takes form, you are in an obvious, potential and privileged way, like were the Princes of the Renaissance at their time, at the moment when was born printing works, the holders of a knowledge and means which make you the true " actors " of a moving revolution at the beginning of third millennium. Your position confers at the same time rights to you and allots duties to you. It is in this state of mind that we count on your active participation for the development of the art of network, as Fred Forest practice in pioneer. Your material and technological support and as relay of information of our initiative will contribute to accelerate the process of transformation in the society.