THE PROJECT COULEUR-RÉSEAU (numeric monochromes)

This project takes all its direction after the sale in 1996 of "Parcelle/Rèseau" at Drouot by Fred Forest for the first time in the world. The first "immaterial" work sold with the biddings in a public sale... An event without precedent which was relayed by about fifteen televisions in France and abroad.

The new project of Fred Forest falls under the logical continuation of its artistic practice and this first action. It will take place within the framework of the FIAC (International Fair of Contemporary art) in October 2000 and will be the subject of a preliminary presentation of the proposed "works". At this occasion, on invitation, all Paris and France leaders of computer firms, of start-ups and collectors of art will be invited.
It will be a true historical event which will devote the entry in force of a new type of artistic product on the market and, especially, the advent of a new culture directly related to the development of data-processing technologies of communication.
It will be an auction sale, in first ever, of Internet sites created online by Fred Forest, under the hammer of Master Pierre Cornette of Saint-Cyr.