the documents representing the whole of the site are printed and put under glass. It is specified on each one of these documents, signed by the artist, that it is not the original "work" but only its "original" representation. Immaterial and basically intangible originals are themselves on the network.
- At the time of the sale, each purchaser gets out with :

1- An envelope containing the secret code giving access to the "work" on Internet, signed by the artist.
2- Paper representation, signed, of the bought pages (exposed documents).
3- A CD-Rom constituting a copy of bought "work" (files inalienable allowing to reinstall "work").
4- A certificate of authenticity delivered by Master Cornet of Saint-Cyr for the acquired batch constituting the "work".

The work (Colour-Network/ digital monochromes) will be visible punctually only at the moment of the sale and during exposure, the day preceding the biddings.
The biddings can be also made from your portable, remotely, in condition ofhaving taken contact with the study of Master Pierre Cornette of Saint Cyr, three days before the event.
Tel : 33 (1) 47 27 11 24

The sale of Colour-Network (digital monochromes) will be carried out during
an auction sale in which you will find works as prestigious as those of
Magritte, Warhol or Basquiat, inter alia...